Meaning of Flowers

Carnation (General): The Carnation is a common and very popular flower in Portugal, often associated with fascination and a woman's love. There are several colors of carnations, each with a different meaning:

White Carnation: The White Carnation is a delicate flower and is often associated with innocence and purity. It can also symbolize talent, burning love, and sweetness.

Purple Carnation: The Purple Carnation represents the capricious, someone who likes to live life spontaneously and without many rules.

Yellow Carnation: The Yellow Carnation is often associated with disappointment and rejection.

Pink Carnation: The Pink Carnation is a flower that symbolizes preference and never forgetting. It is a way of telling someone that they are very important and will always be remembered.

Red Carnation: The Red Carnation is a flower that symbolizes vivid love and admiration.

Chrysanthemum (General): The Chrysanthemum is a very popular flower in Japan and symbolizes joy and rest. In the West, the Chrysanthemum is often associated with friendship, and there are several colors of Chrysanthemums, each with a different meaning:

Red Chrysanthemum: The Red Chrysanthemum is often associated with declarations of love.

White Chrysanthemum: The White Chrysanthemum symbolizes truth.

Yellow Chrysanthemum: The Yellow Chrysanthemum is associated with light love.

Sunflower: The Sunflower is a large and vibrant flower that symbolizes splendor and adoration. Offering a Sunflower to someone is a way of saying that the person is splendid and adorable.

Iris: The Iris is a very elegant and sophisticated flower that symbolizes friendship, hope, and wisdom. In France, the Iris is a national emblem and represents the country. Giving an Iris to someone is a way of saying that the person is valuable and that friendship is important.

Orchid: The Orchid is a very exotic and elegant flower, often associated with beauty and refinement. There are several types of Orchids, each with a different meaning:

Cattleya Orchid: The Cattleya Orchid is often associated with mature charm.

Phalaenopsis Orchid: The Phalaenopsis Orchid symbolizes love and beauty.

Peony: The Peony is a delicate and feminine flower that symbolizes shame, happiness, happy marriage, and modesty. Giving a Peony to someone is a way of saying that the person is very special.

Roses: Roses are one of the most popular flowers worldwide, and each color of rose has a different meaning:

Yellow Roses: Symbolize joy, friendship, affection, and freedom. It is a color that brings light and warmth and expresses the happiness felt by the presence of the other person in life. Yellow roses are a great option for gifting friends, coworkers, or people you just met as a way of showing gratitude, appreciation, and affection.

Red Roses: Symbolize love, passion, and respect. They represent the intensity and devotion we feel for someone and are often used to express romantic feelings. Giving a red rose is a way to declare our love and adoration for someone.

Red and Yellow Roses: A combination of colors that represents happiness. It symbolizes the union between two people who are happy together. It is a way to show that even though things may not be perfect, we are still happy to be with the other person.

Red and White Roses: This combination represents harmony and unity. The red rose symbolizes love and passion, while the white represents purity and innocence. It is a way to show that differences between two people can be complementary and bring harmony to the relationship.

Tulip (General): Tulips are known for their elegant and elongated shape and vibrant colors. They symbolize beauty, prosperity, and perfect love. In the Netherlands, tulips are a national symbol and represent prosperity and power.

Red Tulip: Symbolizes a declaration of love and confidence in the other person's feelings. Giving a red tulip is a sincere way to express our feelings and tell the other person that we trust them.

Blue Violet: Symbolizes fidelity, vigilance, and loyalty. It is a way to show that the person giving the flower is always present and attentive and cares about the other person.

White Violet: Represents modesty, simplicity, and hope. Giving a white violet is a way to convey a message of hope and encouragement to someone going through a difficult time.

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