Flowers Bouquet Sincere Heat
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Flowers Bouquet Sincere Heat

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This sympathy bouquet of flowers carried out by Coroa de Flores has as purpose to remember fondly that special someone, because we never forget those who have departed.
The Flower Bouquet is carried out with red and yellow flowers like gerberas and greens of the season.
Product photography is not contractual and is presented for information purposes only.
The customer accepts that the floral arrangement selected, is visually different from the presented. We will try to make our florist respect as much as possible the shape colours and the spirit of the Bouquet. Its composition will vary according to the the artistic sensibility of the florist, the seasonality and the availability of existing flowers in the shop at the moment of elaborating the floral arrangement.
Fill the vase with warm water (flowers absorb warm water more easily than cold water). Using a sharp knife, cut the stems diagonally and remove the lower leaves so they do not get wet. bottom leaves so they do not soak in water. To increase the life of your bouquet, avoid direct sunlight and place it near a fruit basket. Place the flowers in a cool place and change the water in your bouquet every other day.
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